“THE BEST HORROR FILM OF THE YEAR. It boldly explores an extremely sensitive subject while still delivering the horror goods.”
Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects

“A disorienting trip into the psyche of the school shooter, as well as a catabasis into the mor(t)ality of crime, punishment, and maybe even redemption.”
Anton Bitel, Rue Morgue

The Dead Ones is destined to be a controversial slice of horror cinema, and it is certainly one that cannot be easily forgotten.”
Joseph Perry, HorrorFuel

“A purely sensory horror film… Kasten reveals the unease of a generation through gripping visions that do not skimp on gory effects.”
Mad Movies

"For the film’s wraparound segments, writer/director Jeremy Kasten – whose 2007 remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' The Wizard of Gore was steeped in modern Guignol mayhem – enhanced the horror show concept with location shooting inside downtown Los Angeles' historic yet ominous Million Dollar Theater. Utilizing touches of Italian giallo and a literal interpretation of Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol – which means "Theater of the Big Puppet" in French – Kasten bookends the film with a delectably sinister performance by the legendary Udo Kier."
Stefan Blitz, Forces of Geek

"Jeremy Kasten is a promising filmmaker whose genre flicks to date have stood out. The Attic Expeditions and, in particular, last year’s bloody revisionist vampire movie The Thirst displayed an intelligence and level of thematic depth to match Kasten’s strong sense of visual style. His remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ gore-fest The Wizard of Gore fashions something completely and considerably more interesting. One of those rare remakes that does justice to the original by updating it both in terms of plot but also production values."
Annalee Newitz, io9

"I fucking loved it! This is so much more fun than any horror film that Dimension has actually released in years."
Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News

"The Attic Expeditions is an amusing and ambitious supernatural horror picture. Consistently imaginative and audacious... Jeremy Kasten is willing to challenge as well as entertain his audience. A low-budget gem."
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"In this masterclass in the art of the remake, it is as though Herschell Gordon Lewis's frankly sub-par original has here metamorphosed into the gloriously head-messing sleazefest it might have been."
Anton Bitel, Film4

"One of the most anticipated remakes of the last two years."
Casey A, Bloody Good Horror

"The ultimate credit, of course, goes to director Jeremy Kasten who has assembled a movie far more ambitious than the typical horror flick."
Josh Tate, LAist

"For a remake to be successful, it has to bring something new to the table. That is exactly what director Jeremy Kasten has done with this film. If Jim Morrison had lived to be a director, this would have been his type of movie."
Uncle Creepy, Dread Central

"Out-and-out pretension... The Thirst by Jeremy Kasten is not fit for general consumption. The vampires here don't nip your neck. They rip your throat out so that you bleed like a geyser... Just disgusting."
Charles McGrath, New York Times

"The Theatre Bizarre opens effectively enough with Jeremy Kasten's wonderfully creepy theater wrap-around segment, starring cult legend Udo Kier as our host Peg Poett. The opening and the first short burst forth with some amazingly spooky atmosphere."
Cinema Head Cheese

"There are some great visuals, some hyperfast front-to-back focusing, and epic red lighting schemes inside the run-down theatre, which immediately put Argento in mind. Udo Kier (Flesh For Frankenstein) is at his absolute creepiest as the theatre host."
Back Online Back On Duty

"The Wizard of Gore is just about the best Crispin Glover gore noir you're likely to find."
Scott Weinberg, MovieFone

"A great movie. A classic. One not to be missed. One to be noticed. To be talked about. Written about. Congratulations to the film makers, you are geniuses."
Joel Holden, Amazon

"The Wizard of Gore looks great, a neon neo-noir nightmare."
Tom Becker, DVD Verdict

"The Wizard of Gore stands as a rare success in the horror remake trend, and really shines when Glover is on screen."
Serene Dominic, Metro Times

"Director Jeremy Kasten's editing experience does wonders for the picture."
The Splatter House

"Kasten used the original film as a foundation, but creates something brand new and surprisingly original. I give The Wizard of Gore 5 toes - this is one of the best horror films I have seen this year."
The Big Toe Blog

"The director, Jeremy Kasten, was not only the man behind the camera but also behind the editing table, which shows how flexible he is. I was impressed to say the very least."
The Spill Movie Community

"A very classy look, mood, and atmosphere. the movie has a lot of dark satire that really gives the remake a more intelligent and serious feel that the original. Jeremy Kasten and his crew did a really cool job creating a new, very nice looking film."
Fred [The Wolf], Full Moon Reviews

"I want to see more Jeremy Kasten."

"This remake brushes upon 'instant classic' status."
Johnny Sweatpants, Horrorthon

"Kasten is clever enough to weave a surprisingly tense tale. The film just keeps on building intensity throughout, mounting tension at every corner."
R.L. Shaffer, DVD Future

"Remakes tend to be mediocre at best, but one comes along every now and then that shows that not every "reimagining" of a classic ends in failure. The Wizard of Gore is one of those films. 9.5/10."
Chad Connolly, Movies Made Me

"The Wizard of Gore is one of the most shocking and entertaining horror films to be released on DVD."
Anthony Thurber, Film Arcade

"You'll probably want to marry this flick!"
Mary Mattio, Mary Talks Movies

"Every line is delivered with a kind of mesmerizing eccentricity, and Kasten amplifies the performance’s idiosyncrasies with lurching camera angles and extreme close-ups."
Victoria Large, Not Coming

"A fast-paced vampire flick that delivers the goods at a quick clip."
Scott Weinberg, DVD Talk

"When Kasten trains his camera on his zombies and their interactions with their hapless victims, we do get some undead fun. The film looks great, and Kasten did a fine job."
David Johnson, DVD Verdict